Dariusz Liszka Bavaria 46 Cruiser

Generally I love to sail in Croatia, and I am used to do that almost last ten years, sometimes twice a year. The climat and atmosphere put me in a very good mood every time I am on croatian cost. Therefore I made a web site about my sailing trips in Croatia ( www.towarzystwo-zeglarskie-tramontana.pl.tl ), unfortunately only in polish language (is it a time to translated it?). You are welcome. You ask about marina... The same was this year. Croatia is still beautiful. Marina Kastela made an impresion on me - its very big, new and modern. The boat was operated by Best Sail. Very good service, and somthing important for me - I felt treated by them almost like an old friend and the most important client. Although we met technical problem with the yacht in the moment of leaving, the Boatswain Cristof (very sympathetic man) fixed the problem within an hour, and we could continue our trip to Split. This failure happend because of case. The boat was in very good condition, and well equiped, without any other failures. You ask about sugestion... I can say that chart plotter should be bigger (with colour screen) and should be movable to cocpit to fix it at front of skipper standing over the steering wheel. It helps very much, esspecially when there is nobody who knows about navigation. During an evening sitting over the cocpit table it could be fine to have a small lamp to hang under the bimini - cost nothing, but very pleasant. You ask about tavern... last day, after mooring in Kastela, we decide to walk little away from marina to find a restaurant. We found one, very original, on local street squere. Perfect food, very good prices. Next time if Icould be there i will visit this place. Unfortunately I do not remember the name but You will find a place on sattelite photo in enclousure. You ask about a pictures... it is so difficult to choose from hundreds. For guest book purposes please use this email address: And You have permission of course :) Best Regards

Dariusz Liszka Bavaria 46 Cruiser
Charter yacht model: Bavaria 46 Cruiser
Date: 2009-07-06
Charter place: Croatia , Split ,
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2016-10-15 - 2016-11-05
Berths: 6+2
9,500€ 760€/ week
per person 95€/ week
Cabins: 3 / WC: 2
Charter place: Zadar
2016-10-15 - 2016-11-05
Berths: 10
2,700€ 1,755€/ week
per person 176€/ week
Cabins: 5 / WC: 5
Charter place: Athena
2016-10-15 - 2016-11-05
Berths: 10
2,500€ 1,625€/ week
per person 163€/ week
Cabins: 5 / WC: 5
Charter place: Athena

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