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Salona Yachts at the World Championships

Solins company AD ships and their popular brand of boat Salona Yachts, is the fourth consecutive year, the official sponsor of the ORC World Championship that was held this year in the period of 21 to 29 June. In Salona Yachts they are extremely proud of official sponsorship each year. This year in Ancona they expect even larger turnout, compared to 130 last years competitors. Total 6 Salona 38 will participate in the competition. AD company was founded in year 2002. with many years of experi..

Lipari 41

A renewed version of the popular catamaran from the famous French manufacturer is present, that is known for its excellent sailing characteristics with less luxury and comfort. In recent years Lipari 41 offers a high level of comfort and convenience. There is a proprietary version of the catamaran with three cabins, although the charter suitable model is the one with 4 cabins. This model has been carefully modernized and refined in order to continue to remain competitive in the market. Fo..

Hanse 575

A few weeks ago in Croatia came the long awaited yacht Hanse 575, now available for charter in Croatia. Yacht Charter in Croatia, is enriched with another excellent boat in the category of cruisers 50+ rate, which will certainly to attract many sailors and lovers of sailing and comfort. Hanse 575 has exceeded all expectations in design, functionality and equipment. 17 meters spotless elegant lines, ranks the Hanse 575 at the top of the most beautiful yachts in the world. It should be note..

"1300 plans of Croatian Adriatic" publication

After publishing in Croatian, English, German and Italian language, work on the second expanded and updated edition of the publication "1300 plans of Croatian Adriatic" in English is finished. In this extremely important nautical guide you can find plans of all ports, marinas, piers and bays that boaters can sail, moorings or anchorages in them and where to spend the night.   In textual part you can find the main characteristics of the connections or anchorages, the most frequent..

Carlos Santana concert in Zadar

City of Zadar is one of the best tourist destination in Croatia and famous for exceptional offer of social events, various concerts and festivals that perfectly completes rich tourist offer of Zadar. The city with the most beautiful sunset, this summer will host world famous music icon - Carlos Santana. The open air concert will be held on Monday 29.7.2013,  at Jazine in center of Zadar. Sure, if you have the opportunity or if you sail in Zadar archipelago, enjoy in concert of guitarist ..

Floating gas station in Marina Veruda, Pula

Good news for all sailors who choose to visit or rent a boat in Istria, is a fact that Marina Veruda in Pula has a new gas station. Marina Veruda now has a floating gas station type "Flash" and finaly solve the problem with fuel supply, to the satisfaction of customers of Marina Verude, boat owners, charter companies and all nautical tourist in Istria. Due to the fact that existing gas has been closed since March 2011, this solution with floating gas station solve a major problem of fuel supp..

Surfing in the cockpit

If you can not live without your favorite iPad device on the chartered vessel in hard weather conditions, then there is a conceptual ideal solution for you. Light case for your iPad has superior technology. With this kind of device you can operate safely in dry conditions while sailing or hiking or any other sport activity. Absolutely resistable for shocks and water, the screen is protected and it has excellent visibility even in sunny weather. Compact and easy to use with great sound transmi..

Croatia at the top of Europe by the quality of bathing water

If you need another reason why to spend the summer vacation in Croatia, then you will enjoy the fact that Croatia is at the forefront of European countries by the quality of coastal bathing waters. Croatia has excellent quality of bathing waters, moreover, the water quality is higher then European average - published by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Commission in its report on the quality of bathing water. The report assesses the bathing water quality in all 27 EU..

Mooring prices in Croatian ports

Adriatic is extremely tempting sailing destination and since Croatia will join European Union soon, the same trend will be continued. Jadran is extremely appealing to all European navigators and even more. Mooring places are extremely popular, especially those in the sea, although moorings on land are increasingly demanded in last few years. Availability of berths in ports depends on many factors. In recent years, nautical tourism is extremely popular and the prices are raising increasingly. ..

Adriatic Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is exposed to an increasing number of threats. Marine pollution, traffic, climate change, all of these are the cause of the poor condition and pollutiion of environment. The modern answer to this problem can be protected marine areas. Today is protected only 4% of the total sea area of the Mediterranean Sea. There is hope for improvement because the international Convention on Biological Diversity obliges to increase marine protected areas to 10% by 2020. These parts mus..

Safe Tourist Season 2013

  Croatia, as a famous tourist destination in the world is primarily a safe country, for domestic and numerous foreign tourists. The Croatian Government has recognized the importance and benefit of investing in additional security of tourists during the tourist season in Croatia and from 2009. co-financing program "Safe Tourist Season", which brings together police officers from foreign countries. Police officers from 13 different countries from which Croatia has the highest number o..

Research - pleasure of boaters in Croatia

During the 2012. Tomas Nautica has done a research about sailors consumption and their satisfaction while sailing in Croatia. The study was conducted on 2171 respondents. Respondents are divided into two categories: those that sails on a chartered boat and those who come to Croatia with their own vessels. Respondents are sailors from 14 countries (Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Great Britain, Czech Republic, France, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, the Netherlands.) Most sailors are ag..


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