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Winner of the 2014 contest won a 500 € voucher!

On the 3rd of November 2014 Mrs. Tiziana Carnevali became the first winner of our photo contest, earning a voucher in the value of 500€!!! The winner immediately used her voucher for a two week long boat rental in the current season. And so, with a small help from her Facebook friends she rented a boat with significant savings. The interesting fact is that it only took 80 votes to reach victory. The winner of the contest was exclusively determined by counting the votes of their Facebook frien..

Silbio Port - The Traces of Antiquity

About 0.8 NM north-east from the Savudrija lighthouse, partly hidden from the curious eyes, the ruins of the ancient port Silbio are a testament to an ancient, yet quite lively history of the area. In the Roman time Istria was still known as Histria, with its local population, the Histri. Histris were well known for being very successful pirates, so it isn’t a surprise that this area had a number of well built ports, as well as significant number of shipwreck remains. The port of Sil..

Private Honeymoon Cruise on Croatian coast

All-inclusive romantic seven days sailing on luxurious 40 ft+ yacht at one of the most desirable world destinations From 9.500 Eur* The price includes:  honeymoon suite on luxurious 40 ft+ yacht 24/7 skipper and hostess service freshly prepared meals served on board dinning under the stars and in exlusive restaurants tasting specialties of local cuisine open bar with champagne and drinks on board customized itinerary for navigating..

Make your Valentine's Day special by sailing around the Love island

This year in Zadar and Pašman channel you can participate in unique events on Valentine's Day. The program is tailored to sailors, bikers and pedestrians.   Take the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Pašman channel, place that unites peace and love, while carrying out some enjoyable tasks: Sail around the four islands of beauty and peace Tie a male or female  knot Hang a heart with your name on the olive tree, the tree of peace and wisdom. ..

Experience the carnival madness in Venice by boat!

Rent a boat with heating (with great discount!) and be a part of one of the world's most famous carnival in an original way. 7 days - weekly charter from 7.2.2015 -14.2.2015 or 14.2.2015 -21.2.2015, starting from Izola (Slovenia). It is also possible to rent a boat for short period of 2 - 3 days.  Take a look at prices for weekly charter and boats available for this special offer.     Boats with heating BAVARIA 50 cruiser (5 cab..

Prolonged early booking discount, take the opportunity and save money!

Early booking is always a great chance for considerable savings, but it doesn’t stop at that. By making a reservation in this period you also get the benefit of choosing a boat from a greater number of available vessels. In addition to that you also realize your vacation arrangements on time thus relieving yourself of unnecessary and often stressful last minute preparations. A lot of our partner charter companies, have extended the deadline for early booking until 31.1.2015., with the exc..

GREAT HOLIDAY OFFER - 7 days of boat rental FREE OF CHARGE!

We have excellent news concerning the upcoming holidays! For each week you book in the period between 14.03.2015 and 16.05.2015 you are granted a week of boat rental free of charge (in the period of 10.10.2015 – 14.11.2015) The offer applies to the following vessels: Bavaria 37 2015 "1" Bavaria 37 2015 "2" BAVARIA 50 2005 "Francisco" Sun Odyssey 45 2005 "Lisi" Sun Odyssey 45 2007 "Avi" Sun Odyssey 45 2007 "Adriana" Sun Odyssey 50 DS 2009 "Samant..

Marine Christmas and a Naval New Year

Snow covered mountain tops, city squares brimming with cheer and joy, warm fireplace and a fireworks display in the distance, what wonderful ways to spend your winter vacation... for a landlubber. Now, if you're a true sailor, you won't let something like a bit of winter chill stop you from spending time on glistening blue waves. Why not consider a winter yacht chartering adventure? Just think, this will arm you with a perfect opportunity to prank good ol' Santa; it would be interesting to se..

From the Rooftops of Lastovo

Southern coast of Croatia has a lot to offer to roving sailors, but if you feel more adventurous you might want to sail a bit further from the coastline and visit this peculiar location. Around 55 NM away from the coastline of Dubrovnik, you can find the Archipelago of Lastovo counting 46 islands; with the main island Lastovo at its center.  With the landmass of 42 km2 it may not be one of the bigger Croatian islands, but nonetheless it is a home to numerous curiosities and many beautifu..

Surreal Beauty of the Blue Grotto at Biševo Island

The island of Biševo, located 4.8 NM from the town of Komiža on the island of Vis, is known by its interesting coastline and an abundant sea bed. The strongest impression is imprinted by its caves that adorned Biševo with its local name L'isola dei busi (The Island of holes). As early as 19th century, the fascinating scenery of the Blue Grotto was captured by baron Ransonet, who was, in fact, the one responsible for opening the wider entrance to the cave. The Blue Grotto is located in Balun B..

Savudrija’s Lighthouse of Love

Settled on the very north of the Croatian coast, in the municipality of Umag, the lighthouse of Savudrija is known for being the most northern of all Adriatic lighthouses. Casting its light as far as 32 kilometers or 17 NM, it stands 36 meters tall and it houses one very lucky lighthouse manager. Built in the year 1818, it is the oldest lighthouse in the Adriatic, as well as the first European lighthouse fueled by gas. The lighthouse of Savudrija is also a very sturdy building. Despite be..

Rijeka’s Torpedo Launch Station (TLS) - First in the World

Due to its ideal geographical position and the sea depth level, the City of Rijeka became a powerful industrial centre as early as the 19th century. It drew worldwide interest in the 1870-ies being the birthplace of the first Torpedo Launching Station. Today, it stands as a protected monument to the industrial heritage, displaying immense technological and innovative value. Rijeka’s TLS, was soon followed by many others around the world, built on lake shores and sea shores alike. If you s..


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