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Searching for Something Real - Agia Kiriaki, Greece by Sail....

Jutting out of the eastern shoreline of central Greece and curving into the Aegean Sea, like a giant fishhook, is the Pelion Peninsula. On the tip of this hook, like bait glistening in the sun, is the fishing village of Agia Kiriaki, hoping to catch passersby. In their rush to get to the Sporades, most boats simply sail past this tempting stopover, but this is the destination we set sail for from the port of Volos.  Our crew is a mix-match of people brought together by mutual friends..

A Peek under the Surface

While sailing along the Croatian coast you are sure to see many interesting and beautiful sights, but those are not limited only to dry land, as soon as you dip your head below the sea surface you will see an entirely new side of the Adriatic. While scuba diving is difficult to manage on a sailing trip and generally not allowed on chartered yachts in order to prevent damaging the boat with heavy equipment, snorkeling can be your ticket to discovering the underwater side of our coast. Even..

Boat Review: Sailing Yacht Hanse 505

It's time to shine the light on one of the more popular models in our charter offer, Hanse 505. This powerful sailboat is made by the German company Hanse Yachts, one of the largest manufacturers of sailing and motor boats in the world. Founded in 1990, Hanse Yachts has one of the fastest growing boat yards in Europe and its place on the sailing and motor boat market is one of quality and excellence. Hanse 505, coming after it's predecessor Hanse 455, has taken an existing base for a successf..

Bound to the Sea, Be it Sun or Rain

How to Dress for Sailing Regardless of the Weather Weather can get pretty fickle when you’re out on the sea, and this makes packing for the trip quite a chore. Even if you book a boat in the peak of summer and every forecast points to stable weather, you won’t regret preparing for the unexpected. You can find a few guidelines here to help you get properly geared for sailing. Tricky Summer Weather- Outsmart the Sun Even though summer usually brings forth stable weather; the advice ..

Health Benefits of Sailing

Sailing is, for some, an irresistible urge to explore the far and nearby shores and all the bounties they offer. However, in addition to satiating your wanderlust, sailing also offers many perks for your well-being. Manning the Sails, a Path to a Sound Body? Regardless of how you arrange your sailing holiday, spending time on a boat always requires a certain amount of physical activity and work. During sailing there are various tasks that you partake in, on a regular basis and even th..

Sailing to Vis - the Mediterranean as it once was… I Promise!

Imagine yourself on a boat, in the middle of the cleanest sea in the Adriatic, enjoying a warm and breezy summer day, wrapped in the fragrance of ancient cuisine and tradition. Sailing in the area around the island of Vis grants all this and much more. In addition to being an island of exceptional beauty, Vis also stands out as a specifically nautical location due to its distance from the mainland and numerous alluring bays and coves for exploration, that also offer plenty of safe anchora..

Yacht Rent Offers Support in Developing Recreational and Competitive Sailing in Croatia

Yacht Rent wholeheartedly supports the development of competitive sailing in Croatia, especially when children are the ones participating. With that intent we shot a promotional video for the Sailing Club Galeb (Seagull) in Kostrena and in that way expressed our support for the further advertisement of this wonderful sport. We would like to thank the entire team of the Sailing club Galeb for their participation and hospitality. Recreational or competitive sailing is a great choice for chi..

Boat Review: NEEL 45 Trimaran

Kaštela, near Split, has recently gotten a new addition to its charter offer. What makes this new boat special, are its three hulls built to form a modern design. NEEL 45 is a trimaran model created by the entrepreneur Eric Bruneel. This trimaran is an excellent vessel choice for your holiday adventure; it offers high comfort due to its spacious and contemporary accommodations, as well as smooth sailing it provides. The boat also prides itself with an interesting, futuristic, modern desig..

This season Yacht-Rent is in trend!

For all of you who decided to book a boat in Croatia this year we also have a bonus free option that contributes to team building and all around good vibration! We offer a free set of cool Yacht-Rent t-shirts for the whole crew!!! The only condition to this offer is that you have to send at least two (‘the more, the better’) photos of crew members wearing the t-shirts on board, which we can publish on our pages. In addition to the photos we would ask you for a few sentences ..

Win a 500 € voucher! Contest for the best photo of the year 2015!

The theme of this year’s Yacht Rent photo contest is ‘Sea, people and boats’. Besides the general theme there are no other limitations to the contest and so we’ll be expecting a tight race and lots of creative and interesting photos. This year’s prize is also a voucher in the value of 500 € which can be used for a weekly boat rent in the years 2015 and 2016! The contest lasts until 31.12.2015. How to Participate 1. To begin, log into your Facebook profile (especially if you’re jo..

Regional Diversity of the Yacht Charter Offer in Croatia

In the recent years Croatia has witnessed a significant development in naval tourism noticeable through the increased offer of the yacht chartering businesses. These are the properties of the Croatian Adriatic coast that are currently the backbone of the naval touristic offer of the country: advantageous geographical, oceanographic and meteorological parameters, great traditional, cultural and gastronomical offer as well as an ample variety of preserved natural riches. While observing the pot..

Winner of the 2014 contest won a 500 € voucher!

On the 3rd of November 2014 Mrs. Tiziana Carnevali became the first winner of our photo contest, earning a voucher in the value of 500€!!! The winner immediately used her voucher for a two week long boat rental in the current season. And so, with a small help from her Facebook friends she rented a boat with significant savings. The interesting fact is that it only took 80 votes to reach victory. The winner of the contest was exclusively determined by counting the votes of their Facebook frien..


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